Liska fairy doll

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Discover Liska, the man-fairy doll who will captivate your child and take him to a world of magic and discovery. Liska is a cunning and intelligent adventurer, always ready to solve mysteries and protect the weak. Immerse yourself in the exciting story of Liska and follow her adventures in an enchanted and mysterious world.


The mystery of the enchanted forest

In a distant and secret forest, the trees came to life and the animals spoke. In the heart of this forest was Liska, a brave and curious young man, ready to explore the mysteries of this magical world.

Learn from nature spirits

Liska was taken in and raised by the nature spirits that inhabited the Enchanted Forest. He learned to understand their language and use their powers to control the elements and communicate with animals.

The quest for knowledge

Driven by his thirst for knowledge and his desire to understand the mysteries of the forest, Liska embarked on a series of exciting adventures, meeting wonderful creatures and facing incredible challenges.

Meeting with Mika, Arys, Rina and Sakura

During her adventures, Liska met Mika, Arys, Rina, and Sakura, a group of heroic fairies and adventurers who shared her love of adventure and discovery. Together, they formed a close-knit team, ready to take on any challenge.

The Legend of the Crystal of Harmony

One day, Liska and her friends heard of a precious Harmony Crystal that could unite the hearts and minds of all living creatures. Intrigued, they decided to go in search of this legendary treasure.

wisdom tests

To find the Crystal of Harmony, Liska and her companions had to cross unknown lands and solve many puzzles. Through their intelligence, ingenuity and teamwork, they overcame the obstacles that stood in their way.

The discovery of crystal

After many adventures, Liska and her friends finally discovered the Crystal of Harmony, hidden in a secret cave. As they seized the treasure, they felt a powerful and benevolent energy, strengthening their bond of friendship and their determination to protect the world.

The Return of Darkness

While celebrating their victory, Liska and her companions were confronted by an ancient and evil threat that intended to take the Crystal of Harmony and plunge the world into darkness. the world in darkness. To protect the crystal and preserve peace and harmony, our heroes had to join forces and face this terrible enemy together.

The Battle of Hope

Liska, Mika, Arys, Rina and Sakura waged an epic battle against the forces of darkness, using their magical powers and courage to repel the enemy. Despite the difficulties, they never lost hope and continued to fight for justice and freedom.

The Victory of Light

Finally, through perseverance, bravery, and unity, Liska and her friends were able to defeat the evil menace and save the world from destruction. The Crystal of Harmony has been saved and its power has spread throughout the world, enhancing love and understanding among living beings.

The return of the heroes

After this great victory, Liska, Mika, Arys, Rina and Sakura returned to the Enchanted Forest, where they were welcomed as heroes and celebrated for their exploits. The wisdom they had acquired during their adventure allowed them to help and guide the inhabitants of the forest, ensuring peace and prosperity for generations to come.

Liska’s Legacy

The story of Liska and her fellow adventurers has become a legend, passed down from generation to generation and teaching children around the world the importance of friendship, courage and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Give your child the Liska fairy doll and let them dive into a world of adventure, discovery and friendship. The Liska doll is more than just a toy; it is a symbol of hope, unity and courage that will accompany your child in their dreams and explorations, while teaching them the values of benevolence, determination and resilience.


Components: nude/nake doll, 1 pair default eyes, 1 piece magic sponge,
clay options [additional charge]: free face, free body blush, wig, outfits, shoes

1. Naked doll: Naked, excluding clothes, wig, shoes, visible face, etc.
2. Naked doll + visible face: Naked doll, Freestyle face visible, excluding clothes, wig, shoes, etc.
3. Full Set: Nude Doll, Free Face Top, Clothes, Wig, Shoes, etc.

Notes: The provided eyes and gadgets may be slightly different from the pictures, thanks for your understanding!

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Normal Skin NudeDoll, Tan Skin Nude Doll, White Skin Nude Doll


Freestyle Face Up, no Face up