Sakura Fairy doll

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The Sakura fairy doll is an enchanting gift that transports children to a magical and wondrous world. Inspired by the delicate and elegant essence of cherry blossoms, Sakura is a fairy that celebrates the beauty of nature and unconditional love. Discover the story of Sakura, a captivating fairy tale adventure that will spark the imagination of young and old alike.


The blossoming of Sakura

In the heart of an enchanted forest, a magical cherry tree was dropping petals of sakura flowers. Each of these petals was imbued with mystical energy and when they touched the ground, a fairy was born. This is how Sakura, a graceful and bright fairy, was born.

The first steps in the fairy world

Sakura grew up in the enchanted forest, surrounded by other magical and benevolent creatures. She learned to fly with the butterflies, sing with the birds and dance with the leaves that twirled in the wind. Nature was her muse and her happiness.

The discovery of a passion for flowers

As the seasons passed, Sakura discovered the brilliance of the flowers that bloomed in the forest. She became fascinated with their beauty and symbolism, and began to study them, learning the virtues of each flower and the legends surrounding them. Soon she mastered the art of flower arrangement and herbal healing.

Meeting Rina

One day, while Sakura was meditating by a pond, she met Rina, a curious and playful fairy who shared her love for Asia and Japan in particular. The two fairies became fast friends and spent many hours talking about their common passions.

The journey into the human world

Driven by curiosity and the desire to learn more about Japanese culture, Sakura and Rina decided to cross a secret passageway into the human world. There, they discovered the wonders of Japanese art, fashion and food. They attended tea ceremonies, gazed at prints, and wandered through the flowery paths of Zen gardens.

The inspiration of humans

Sakura was deeply touched by the love of humans for flowers, especially cherry blossoms. She understood that, despite their short life, flowers had the power to inspire joy, peace and love. From then on, Sakura decided to dedicate herself to passing on this wisdom and beauty.

The return to the enchanted kingdom

Back in the enchanted forest, Sakura and Rina shared their findings with the others

The creation of the Garden of Dreams
With their experiences in the human world, Sakura and Rina decided to create an enchanted garden where all the flowers of the world could coexist in harmony. They worked tirelessly, planting seeds, designing paths and inviting animals to populate this peaceful haven.
The arrival of the Shadow
As the Garden of Dreams came to life, a dark and ominous shadow spread through the enchanted forest, withering plants and scaring away magical creatures. This shadow was the work of an evil witch who coveted the beauty and wisdom of Sakura and Rina.

Sakura’s courage

Sakura, driven by her love of flowers and her determination to protect her Garden of Dreams, decided to confront the witch. She prepared for an epic battle, drawing on the power of nature and the energy of flowers to give her courage and power.

The battle of the flowers

The confrontation between Sakura and the witch was a dazzling spectacle, where flowers of a thousand colors bloomed and transformed into formidable weapons. Despite the power of the witch, Sakura stood her ground, supported by the spirit of the flowers and the unfailing friendship of Rina.
The victory of love and beauty
Finally, through her courage and perseverance, Sakura was able to defeat the witch and free the enchanted forest from her evil grip. The shadow dissipated and life returned to normal, brighter and fuller than ever.
Celebrating the Flowers
To celebrate their victory and pay tribute to the beauty of the flowers, Sakura and Rina held a great celebration in the Garden of Dreams. All the creatures of the enchanted forest were invited to this celebration full of joy, love and gratitude.

The Legend of Sakura

Thus was born the legend of Sakura, the flower fairy who saved the enchanted forest with her bravery and unconditional love for nature. Her story was passed down from generation to generation, inspiring children to protect and cherish the wonders of our world.
Give your child the Sakura fairy doll and let them marvel at this captivating and inspiring story. The Sakura doll is more than just a toy; it is a symbol of love, courage and beauty that will accompany your child on his or her adventures and dreams, while teaching the values of friendship, perseverance and respect for nature.

Name: Mini fee Sakura
Size:1/4 41cm
Material:Made by imported resin material,EU SGS identification.
Components: Nude/Nake doll, Default eyes 1 pair,
Magic Sponge 1 piece, Clay
Options [Additional Charge]: Freestyle Face up, Freestyle Body blushing, Wig, Outfits, Shoes

PS: A pair of eyes are included as gift for each doll,
Most of the eyes are acrylic ones, a small part of them are glass ones.

There may be small air bubbles, uneven coloring, raised seam lines and rough surfaces

due to the characterstics of tanned or customize skin resin.
Order modification, exchange and or cancellation is Not accepted after payment has been confirmed.
That clause will be accepted acquiescently once receiving your order,We ask you to make your purchase
only if you fully understand the problems listed above may happen.

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