Macha fairy doll

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Macha: The Moonstone Odyssey

Discover the incredible story of Macha, a mischievous and adventurous fairy, who, accompanied by her faithful friend Liska the silver fox, embarks on an epic quest to find the legendary Moon Stone. Together, they cross mysterious lands, face formidable challenges and form an unbreakable friendship. Live the captivating adventures of Masha and Liska and dive into an enchanting universe where audacity, perseverance and friendship triumph.


Macha’s Magical Adventures: The Quest for the Moonstone

Introduction to Masha and her enchanting universe

Dive into an enchanted world with Macha, a mischievous and adventurous fairy, whose story and personality will capture your child’s imagination. Macha is a curious, intrepid and lively fairy who doesn’t hesitate to explore the far reaches of the kingdom of Dollshy to unravel its mysteries. Her adventures often lead her to defy the laws of magic and push the limits of what is possible. Thanks to her Macha doll, your child will be able to follow the adventures of this daring fairy and share her extraordinary discoveries.

Masha and her magical powers

Macha was born in a small fairy village on top of an enchanted mountain, where eternal snow covers the roofs of the houses and the stars twinkle day and night. Her parents, simple village fairies, were renowned for their wisdom and dedication to the community. Masha inherited their kindness and sense of caring, but she always dreamed of seeing the world and having exciting adventures.

Over the years, Masha developed her own magical powers, including the ability to control the elements. She learned to create snowstorms, shoot ice geysers and carve crystal animals. But Masha also had another, even rarer ability: she could communicate with animals and understand their language.

Meeting Liska, the silver fox

One day, while Macha was walking in the forest of Dollshy, she met a silver fox named Liska. Liska was a forest spirit, the guardian of secrets and forgotten legends. Intrigued by Macha and her powers, Liska decided to reveal to her the existence of a legendary artifact, the Moonstone, capable of conferring immeasurable powers on whoever possessed it. Masha, piqued by curiosity, decided to go in search of this mysterious stone, accompanied by Liska.

The quest for the legendary Moonstone

Their quest took them through the most remote and dangerous lands of the kingdom of Dollshy. They crossed scorching deserts, where fire-breathing dragons reigned supreme; they crossed unexplored mountains, populated by giant creatures with terrifying powers; and they sailed across raging oceans, infested with sea monsters of strange and frightening shapes. Masha and Liska lived through a thousand adventures, faced a thousand dangers, and over the course of time formed an unbreakable friendship.

The journeys and challenges encountered during the adventure

Finally, after many adventures, Masha and Liska managed to find the Moonstone, hidden in the heart of a lost temple, buried under the waters of an underground lake.

The discovery of the Moonstone

The stone, of a deep blue, emitted a soft glow, which warmed the cold and humid atmosphere of the cave. Masha, amazed by her discovery, grabbed the Moonstone and immediately felt a wave of magical energy flow through her. Her powers increased tenfold and she was overwhelmed with a feeling of harmony and wholeness.

The triumphant return to the village

Masha and Liska decided to bring the Moon Stone back to the village, where they were welcomed as heroes. Thanks to the stone, Masha was able to perform wonders beyond comprehension: she healed the sick with a simple touch, caused springs of pure water to spring up to water animals and plants, and protected the village from bad weather and hazards. Masha became the protector of the village, revered and respected by all.

Macha’s exploits and fame

But Macha never forgot her taste for adventure and discovery. She continued to explore the realm of Dollshy with Liska, solving ancient puzzles, unraveling diabolical plots and encountering fantastical creatures. The legend of Macha and her exploits spread to the four corners of the kingdom, and her fame soon surpassed that of the greatest fairies in history.

The Macha doll, reflection of the adventurer

The Macha doll is the faithful reflection of this adventurous and audacious fairy. Her clothes, in the colors of ice and stars, evoke her close connection with the elements. Her delicate wings, sprinkled with silver glitter, symbolize her connection with animals and nature spirits. As for her face, it accurately expresses the determination, curiosity and benevolence that characterize Macha.

The educational and playful virtues of the Macha doll

The Macha doll is an ideal playmate for children looking for adventure and discovery. Thanks to her, they will be able to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of Macha, experience thrilling adventures and develop their imagination and creativity. Children will also be able to interact with the figurine of Liska, the silver fox, which will accompany them in their games and help them solve the mysteries of the kingdom of Dollshy.

The Masha and Liska doll, playmates and adventurers

By offering the Macha doll to your child, you allow him to escape into a world of dreams and wonders, where audacity, perseverance and friendship are rewarded with priceless treasures. Masha doll and her friend Liska are ready to share their adventures with your child and help them discover the secrets of the kingdom of Dollshy

Notice important:

  • Model Number: 01
  • Features: cartoon,Dıy Toy
  • Theme: Movie & TV
  • Type: Stuffed Dolls,Matryoshka Doll
  • Item Type: Dolls
  • Dimensions: 42cm
  • Mfg Series Number: Fashion
  • Form: 1/4
  • Material: resin
  • BJD/SD Attribute: doll
  • Condition: In-Stock Items
  • Gender: Unisex
(Attention:  does not include clothes and footwear,does not include wigs and shoes)
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-Head circumference:17.5 cm
-Shoulder width:7cm
-Chest circumference:17cm
-Waist circumference:12cm
-Hip size:18.5cm
-Thigh cirumference:10.6cm
-Foot length:5.5cm
-Foot width:2.4cm
-Eyes size:14mm
In case there is measure error, the full size of real object shall prevail