Stellar Wig

79,99 $

Dollshy Fairy Wig – Eternal Shine

Its generous length and softness recall the grace of the snow fairies, gentle and resilient protectors who watch over their winter kingdom. The intense luminosity that emanates from each strand of this immaculate wig evokes the moon fairies, who bathe the night world in their soft light. The light, flowing curls of the hairstyle reflect the cloud fairies, who sail with ease and elegance through the endless sky.


Dollshy Fairy Wig

Indulge in the pure brilliance of Dollshy’s kingdom with our pristine white Dollshy Fairy Wig. Specially designed for your doll, this wig expresses the serenity and beauty of Dollshy’s fairies, promising a luminous and supernatural metamorphosis.

Every detail of this wig is infused with Dollshy purity, transforming your doll into a true light bearer of the fairy realm. Give your doll a hairstyle that radiates the magic and tranquility of Dollshy’s world.

  • Material: Cotton Rope & Wool
  • Recommend Age: 12 y
  • Type: Accessories
  • Mfg Series Number: Fashion
  • Form: 1/3
  • Item Type: Doll Accessories
  • Gender: Unisex
  • BJD/SD Attribute: Wig

Please noticed that the color in the image would look slightly different from the actual product.