Doll wig white short hair

399,99 $

Dollshy Wig – Touch of Enchantment

The wig’s lively texture and short, popping cut reflect the indomitable spirit of the forest fairies, willing to defy the norm to safeguard their enchanted domain. The soft shine of each strand recalls the mystical glow of the star fairies, who light up the night skies with their celestial magic. The undulating shape of the headdress evokes the fairies of the ocean, sailing with ease through the tumultuous tides.


Dollshy Wig :

Immerse yourself in the vibrant imagination of Dollshy’s world with our Dollshy Punk Wig. Inspired by the daring and recklessness of Dollshy’s rebellious fairies, this wig is the ultimate accessory for your doll, allowing for a transformation that is both bold and enchanting.

Every aspect of this wig is infused with Dollshy magic, transforming your doll into a true fairy messenger. Give your doll a hairstyle that evokes the enchantment of Dollshy and let the magic happen.

Adjustable Doll Wig

You will receive a base wig and a pair of hair clips