Mika fairy doll

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Give your child the Mika fairy man doll and let him escape into a world of adventure and mystery. Mika is a daring and insightful young hero, always ready to defend the oppressed and fight the forces of evil. Dive into Mika’s exciting story and follow his adventures in a magical and fantastic world.


The apparition of Mika

In a remote village nestled at the foot of a mystical mountain, one night during a full moon, a bluish flash struck the summit. From this supernatural event, Mika was born, a young hero with magical powers and great wisdom.

The education of the elders

Mika grew up among the wise men of the village, learning the secrets of magic and ancient legends. He developed a passion for the art of healing and protection, always seeking to help others and preserve the balance of the world.

The discovery of his powers

As he grew up, Mika discovered that he possessed unique magical powers, allowing him to control the elements and communicate with animals. He learned to harness these gifts to protect his village and its inhabitants from the dangers that threatened them.

Meeting Arys, Rina and Sakura

During his adventures, Mika met Arys, Rina and Sakura, three brave and fearless fairies who shared his thirst for adventure and his determination to preserve peace and harmony in the world. Together they formed an inseparable team, ready to face the most perilous challenges.

The Secret of the Mystic Mountain

One day, Mika and her friends learned of a magical spring hidden at the top of Mystic Mountain. This spring had the power to cure all illnesses and strengthen the bonds between magical creatures and humans. Intrigued, they decided to go in search of this legendary spring.
The ascent of the mountain
Mika, Arys, Rina and Sakura set out to climb the mystical mountain, facing natural obstacles and supernatural creatures along the way. Through perseverance, ingenuity and teamwork, they managed to overcome the challenges and make their way to the top.
The discovery of the magic spring
Once they reached the top of the mountain, Mika and her friends discovered a sparkling spring of breathtaking beauty. As they bathed in its sacred waters, they felt a new energy and a deep connection with the elements and magical creatures.

The guardian of the mountain

As they were about to leave the magical spring, Mika and her friends were confronted by a mysterious guardian who watched over the mountain and its treasures. To prove their purity of heart and noble intent, they had to solve a series of puzzles and demonstrate their bravery in the face of danger.

The alliance of the heroes

After passing the guardian’s tests, Mika, Arys, Rina and Sakura sealed their friendship by forming an alliance of heroes, determined to protect the world and spread peace and harmony with their wisdom and magical powers.
The Shadow War
Their alliance was put to the test when a dark threat descended upon the world, seeking to sow discord and corrupt the bonds between humans and magical creatures. Mika and her friends had to join forces to fight the shadows and restore balance.
The Victory of Light
With their courage, determination and unity, Mika, Arys, Rina and Sakura managed to defeat the dark forces and save the world from destruction. The magical source of the mystical mountain was purified, strengthening peace and harmony among all living beings.
The return of the heroes
Mika and her friends returned to their village, where they were welcomed as heroes and celebrated for their achievements. The wisdom they had gained during their adventure enabled them to bring prosperity and happiness to their community, inspiring future generations to follow their example.

Mika’s Legacy

Mika became a legend, a symbol of courage, friendship and dedication to the cause of peace and harmony. His story and adventures have spanned the ages, teaching children around the world the importance of caring, perseverance and loyalty.
Give your child the Mika male fairy doll and let them immerse themselves in an epic and inspiring world. The Mika doll is much more than a simple toy; it is a symbol of adventure, courage and friendship that will accompany your child in his dreams and explorations, while teaching him the values of solidarity, perseverance and love.
Characteristics :
  • Recommend Age: 12 years
  • Material: Resin
  • Battery: No
  • Model Number: Minifee Mika
  • Certification: CE
  • Warning: No
  • Item Type: Dolls
  • Dimensions: 42cm
  • BJD/SD Attribute: doll
  • Type: FASHION DOLL,Ethnic Dolls,Interactive Dolls
  • Form: 1/4
  • Gender: Unisex