Punk wig

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Dollshy Punk Wig – Enchantment in Colors

Give your doll a bold transformation with our Dollshy Punk Wig, available in three magical shades: Light Chestnut, Bright White and Navy Blue. Inspired by the legendary fairies of Dollshy’s world, these wigs embody the rebellious energy and indomitable spirit of fairies.

The Light Brown Wig captures the mischievous spirit of the forest fairies, known for their love of freedom and desire to protect their kingdom. The Luminous White Wig, meanwhile, evokes the majesty of the celestial fairies, lighting the way in the darkness with their stellar brilliance. Finally, the Blue Sea Wig immerses you in the mystery and boldness of the ocean fairies, commanding the waves with their captivating magic.

These wigs bring a touch of enchantment to everyday life, transforming each doll into a messenger of Dollshy magic. Take your pick and bring the enchantment of Dollshy to life through your doll.


Punk Light Brown Wig – Living Fairy by Dollshy :

Feel the energy of punk style in every fiber of our Dollshy wig, tinted a subtle light brown. Inspired by the rebellious fairies of Dollshy’s world, this wig is designed to evoke their indomitable spirit. Through careful design, this wig will transform your doll into a mischievous fairy, always ready to defy the rules to protect her fairy kingdom. Dare to dream and bring the magic of Dollshy fairies to life!

Dollshy White Punk Wig – Stellar Light:

Make your doll shine with our White Punk Wig – Stellar Light. This dazzling hairstyle evokes the image of Dollshy’s star fairies, who light up the sky with their fairy dust every night. Each strand of this wig is infused with fairy magic, making your doll a beacon of light in the dark world of the ordinary.

Blue Punk Wig – Sea Wave by Dollshy:

Dive into the endless ocean of enchantment with our Blue Punk Wig – Navy Wave by Dollshy. Tinted blue to evoke the mystical depths of the oceans, this wig evokes Dollshy’s legendary water fairies. These fairies, able to control the waves and tides, are known for their free spirit and love of adventure. Give your doll a wave of coolness and mystery with this captivating wig.

  • Material: Cotton Rope & Wood
  • Recommend Age: 12 y
  • Type: Accessories
  • Mfg Series Number: Fashion
  • Form: 1/3
  • Item Type: Doll Accessories
  • Gender: Unisex
  • BJD/SD Attribute: Wig

Fur’s Length: about 1-3cm

Please noticed that the color in the image would look slightly different from the actual product.

Color may looks different under different lights.

This picture is color: Blonde took under lamp’s light.

This picture is color: Blonde took under nature light indoor.

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Blonde, Grey


18cm, 19cm, 20cm, 21cm, 22cm, 23cm, 24cm, Blythe, Pullip

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