Arys fairy doll

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Give your child the Arys fairy doll and let them discover a world of mystery and adventure. Arys is a bold and fearless fairy who is not afraid to take on challenges to protect her friends and her kingdom. Dive into Arys’ captivating story and follow his adventures in a magical world.


The origins of Arys

In a distant celestial kingdom, a shooting star crossed the sky leaving behind it a sparkling trail. As it touched the ground, the star turned into a bright and dazzling fairy: Arys was born.

The celestial kingdom

Arys grew up in the celestial kingdom, a place where the stars sparkled and magic was everywhere. Her iridescent wings allowed her to fly through the cosmos, exploring the far reaches of the universe in search of knowledge.

The quest for the moonstone

One day, Arys learned of the existence of a moonstone with extraordinary powers, capable of spreading peace and harmony across the worlds. Fascinated by this legend, she decided to search for this mystical stone and bring it back to her kingdom.

The Descent to Earth

To find the moonstone, Arys had to leave her celestial kingdom and descend to Earth. She discovered a world populated by magical creatures and human beings, whose life was punctuated by the seasons and the elements.

The meeting with Rina and Sakura

During her journey, Arys met two fairies, Rina and Sakura, who shared her curiosity and love for adventure. Together, they formed an inseparable trio, ready to brave all dangers to accomplish their mission.
Crossing the Enchanted Forest
To find the moonstone, Arys and her friends had to travel through an enchanted forest filled with wondrous creatures and plants with amazing powers. They learned to master nature’s magic and to help each other overcome the obstacles that stood in their way.
The discovery of the lost city
After many trials, Arys, Rina and Sakura discovered a lost city hidden in the heart of the forest. The city was guarded by a majestic dragon, who had been watching over the moonstone for centuries.
The dragon’s test

To obtain the moonstone, Arys and her friends had to face the dragon in a test of courage and ingenuity.

Through their perseverance and strength of spirit, they succeeded in gaining the trust of the dragon, who entrusted them with the precious moonstone.

The Power of the Moonstone

The moonstone gave Arys and her friends extraordinary powers, allowing them to spread peace, light and harmony on Earth and in the celestial realm. They discovered that the stone amplified their magic and helped them resolve conflicts between magical creatures and humans.
The protection of the worlds
Arys, Rina and Sakura decided to use their powers to protect the worlds and preserve the balance between the forces of nature. They became the guardians of the moonstone, ensuring that peace and harmony reign everywhere.
The union of the fairies
Through their adventures, Arys, Rina and Sakura became friends and inseparable. They understood that their strength lay in unity and solidarity, and that together they could overcome any challenge.

The triumph of love and friendship

In the end, Arys, Rina and Sakura succeeded in establishing peace and harmony between the worlds, thanks to their courage, determination and unconditional love. The fairies celebrated their victory with a big party, where magical creatures and humans danced together under the moonlight.

Arys’ ascension

Arys returned to the celestial kingdom, where she became a shining star, watching over her friends and the worlds she had protected. Her adventures and courage became legend, inspiring future generations to believe in magic and pursue their dreams.
Give your child the Arys fairy doll and let them escape into a captivating and inspiring world. The Arys doll is more than just a toy; it is a symbol of adventure, courage and friendship that will accompany your child in his dreams and explorations, while teaching him the values of solidarity, perseverance and love.
  • Recommend Age: 12 years
  • Material: Resin
  • Mfg Series Number: Fantasy
  • Battery: no
  • Model Number: Arys
  • Certification: CE
  • Warning: no
  • Item Type: Dolls
  • Dimensions: 41cm
  • BJD/SD Attribute: doll
  • Form: 1/4
  • Gender: Boys
  • is_customized: Yes
  • doll skin color: white, normal or tan skin
  • eyes color: black, blue or brown
  • face up: available ( need charge )
  • BJD / SD properties: Doll
  • BJD / SD morphological: 1/4
  • For age: 14 years old

Components: Nude/Nake doll, Default eyes 1 pair, Magic Sponge 1 piece, Clay

Options [Additional Charge]: Freestyle Face up, Freestyle Body blushing, Wig, Outfits, Shoes

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