wig with long dark brown hair

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Deep Dark Brown Trendy Wig for Fairy Doll : Instantly transform her look

Add a touch of glamour to your fairy tale doll with this dark brown long wig with deep red highlights.

Easy to use and maintain, it offers elegant and bold styling options for a modern fairy tale character.

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Product Description:

Give your fairy doll a touch of glamour and daring with our dark brown long hair wig! Made with high quality synthetic fibers. Your doll will stand out from the crowd.


Color: Deep red for a bold and captivating look.
Style: Modern and elegant square cut, perfect to give your fairy doll a trendy look.
Material: High quality synthetic fibers, soft and silky to the touch, offering a natural look and feel.
Size: Designed to fit fairy dolls perfectly, with an easy and secure fastening system to ensure the wig stays in place.
Easy to care for: The wig can be gently brushed and styled to create different looks, and can be washed with warm water and mild soap if needed.


Instantly transforms your fairy doll’s appearance, adding a touch of style and personality.
Ideal for doll lovers who like to experiment with different hairstyles and looks.
Perfect for completing a bold outfit or a modern fairy tale character.
Easy to use and maintain, providing hours of fun and creativity.

Care Instructions:

Gently brush the wig with a soft toothbrush to remove any knots and style to your liking.
To wash the wig, soak it in a mixture of warm water and mild soap for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Let it air dry.

Avoid heating or styling the wig with hot tools, as this can damage the synthetic fibers.
Give your fairy doll a striking and elegant look with our red bobbed wig! Whether it’s a costume party or just to add a little extra style, this wig is a must-have accessory for fairy doll lovers.

  • Material: Milk Silk Soft Wire
  • Type: Accessories
  • Certification: CE
  • Mfg Series Number: Fashion
  • Form: 1/4
  • Dimensions: 1/4 7-8 inch
  • Item Type: Doll Accessories
  • Gender: Unisex

important notice:
1 / 3bjd doll(suitable for head circumference 22-24cm )
1 / 4bjd doll(suitable for head circumference 17-18cm )
1 / 6bjd doll(suitable for head circumference 16-16.5cm )
1 / 8bjd doll(suitable for head circumference 14-15cm )
Blyth Dolls (suitable for head circumference 25cm)
Package Includes:1 x Doll Wig