Reasons to give someone a personalized bobblehead| Minifee Doll

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you struggled to think of the perfect gift to buy someone you work with, care about, or are in love with? How often have you asked for clues as to what someone would want as a gift only to get the response, “Just get […]

Advice on maintenance and restoration of old wooden toys| Minifee Doll

For many who collect and like them, vintage wooden toys are actually considered treasures, and should be treated as valued possessions in general. These creations are made in order to entertain, encourage and amuse not only boys and girls, but also adults who have a hobby of collecting them. Antique wooden toys have been a […]

Ganz Webkinz – A toy that launched an empire| Minifee Doll

In 1950, Samuel Ganz and his sons Jack and Sam founded Ganz Bros. Toys Limited in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada, just north of Toronto. This inspiration was created by a small doll that Samuel had brought back from a visit to New York. Little did the three of them know that the company they started would […]

Toys for babies: what will you give away?| Minifee Doll

A parent should give a toy or toy to a baby. Toys are the company of babies if you are busy with housework. Toys are baby’s first best friend. But what kind of toy are you giving the baby? There are lots and lots of toys for you to choose from. But what is the […]

Collecting dolls – Hobby| Minifee Doll

Do you love dolls? Do you like the activity of collecting? Then this may be the hobby for you. This hobby is the second largest hobby worldwide. The first dolls were found in Africa, Greece, Egypt and Rome. Many parents have made little children interested in dolls. The child may continue with this interest or […]

Casting magic spells and voodoo dolls| Minifee Doll

When you hear the term voodoo doll, you probably think of a toy or novelty item. Are there energies manifesting? Let’s explore this topic… These amazing mystical arts have a strong connection to the world of magic. Both are linked in the fact that they contain special elements and specific ceremonies to send energies to […]

Voodoo doll spells: a positive and negative view| Minifee Doll

Few in our current generation are aware of the fascinating and dramatic art of voodoo doll spells. From coast to coast, he single-handedly defied and triumphed over the great apostasy and torpor, forcefully demonstrating the power of his conscious connection to a targeted subject to cause physical harm, misfortune, and arouse emotions of love and […]

Elite Suite Dollhouse| Minifee Doll

The sweetest playtime your girls would experience is definitely in this majestic and luxurious playhouse. This is the perfect Christmas gift that you could give to your little girls where they could exquisitely experience the joys and majestic lifestyle. The Suite Elite Dollhouse is a KidKraft masterpiece and the perfect haven for your Barbie doll […]

An adventure with Doll and the fairies in the Magic Kingdom

An adventure with Doll and the fairies in the Magic Kingdom An adventure with Doll and the fairies in the Magic Kingdom Chapter 1: The Haunted Invitation Once upon a time, in the small town of Windvale, lived a curious and adventurous young woman named Rina. Rina had always been fascinated by fantastic creatures and […]

Doll and her friends go to the fairy kingdom

Doll and her friends go to the fairy kingdom Doll and her friends go to the fairy kingdom Episode 1 – The Mysterious Invitation In the small town of Evergreen, where magical creatures and humans lived in harmony, a young woman named Rina discovered a peculiar envelope on her doorstep. Pricked by her curiosity, she […]