Ganz Webkinz – A toy that launched an empire| Minifee Doll

In 1950, Samuel Ganz and his sons Jack and Sam founded Ganz Bros. Toys Limited in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada, just north of Toronto. This inspiration was created by a small doll that Samuel had brought back from a visit to New York. Little did the three of them know that the company they started would […]

Voodoo doll spells: a positive and negative view| Minifee Doll

Few in our current generation are aware of the fascinating and dramatic art of voodoo doll spells. From coast to coast, he single-handedly defied and triumphed over the great apostasy and torpor, forcefully demonstrating the power of his conscious connection to a targeted subject to cause physical harm, misfortune, and arouse emotions of love and […]

GCU Minhas Art Gallery- A new housing for "old pearls" !| Minifee Doll

Lahore is not only the city of colors but also a center of academic acquisitions for centuries. Politically, this city has been important enough to become the capital once for the Mughals and then for Ranjit Singh. The saints found this place as their eternal abode while kings, queens and princes patched their soil with […]

2010 FIFA World Cup collectibles| Minifee Doll

This is the year of soccer. The 2010 FIFA World Cup taking place in South Africa from June 11 to July 11, 2010 is FIFA’s 19th international soccer championship. South Africa will be the first country to host the international soccer match which was held in the African nation after South Africa beat Morocco and […]

Barbie games for girls| Minifee Doll

Barbie is the love and passion of almost every girl. Dollhouses, dressing rooms, kitchen, makeup items and all those things of a doll are part of a teenager’s dream. Just as the saying goes that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, in the same way a doll is a cute girl’s best childhood companion. Times […]

Madness for wooden toys| Minifee Doll

Classic toys have always been a parent’s favorite. We love the nostalgia of seeing our children play with the same things we do. Simple toys, such as the hula hoop, balls, and yo-yos, have been consistently popular for many decades. These classics go through waves of popularity and always hold a special place in many […]

The never-ending appeal of action figures| Minifee Doll

The beginning In a sense, action figures have been around as long as other toys. Officially, the first action figure was GI Joe, produced in February 1964 by Hasbro. Seen as Hasbro’s response to the popularity of Barbie dolls, with all their clothing and accessories, GI Joe was aimed at the male side of the […]

The dolls of the Armand Marseille Doll Company| Minifee Doll

Popularly known as one of the best makers of bisque head dolls, the Armand Marseille Company was manufacturing from 1885 to 1950 in Thuringia, Germany. The brainchild of the company was Herman, the son of an architect and born in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1856. His family immigrated to Germany after 1860. Herman then bought […]

Collectible Dolls – Cabbage Patch Kids| Minifee Doll

In this series of articles on collectible dolls we are going to start by reviewing one of the most famous collectible dolls of all time, the Cabbage Patch Kids. If you’re old, or maybe not that old, you remember the Cabbage Patch Kids. What you probably don’t know is what happened to these once popular […]

Create an Asian Skin Tone on Your Reborn Baby| Minifee Doll

Creating Asian skin tones is the same process as creating a Caucasian baby, just different color blends are required. Some initial preparation may be required, depending on the color of your kit, in the form of a dye. If your kit is too pink, it is recommended to do a ten minute purple tint to […]