Collectible Dolls – Cabbage Patch Kids| Minifee Doll

The history of the Berenguer dolls

In this series of articles on collectible dolls we are going to start by reviewing one of the most famous collectible dolls of all time, the Cabbage Patch Kids. If you’re old, or maybe not that old, you remember the Cabbage Patch Kids. What you probably don’t know is what happened to these once popular […]

Bellabelle’s unique miniature art dolls| Minifee Doll

Created by British artisan Julie Campbell, the miniature dolls are handcrafted down to the finest detail. Each piece is unique in which one can collect their creations and develop their favorite scenes. Some collectors even commission Julie to craft specific themes, like from the movies or perhaps characters from a favorite book of hers. She […]

Many dolls, figures and figurines resemble charming movie characters| Minifee Doll

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Many dolls, figures, and figurines resemble charming movie characters. There are many wonderful dolls and figurines that resemble the many colorful characters from the movie ‘Alice in Wonderland’. This movie was based on a story written by Lewis Carroll called ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. The film adaptation (directed by Tim Burton and scripted by Linda […]

Information Every New Miniature Dollhouse Collector Should Know| Minifee Doll

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Despite the youthful connotation associated with its name, a dollhouse is not just for children. There are many collectors of dollhouses around the world, and although they all have different styles and tastes, they all agree on one thing: dollhouses are not toys. They are a collector’s item and are not always meant for children […]

Paper dolls – Treasures of childhood| Minifee Doll

Paper dolls are among the simplest and most inexpensive of toys, yet they have provided great entertainment for children and adults around the world for centuries. These dolls are usually two-dimensional and usually made of paper, but can also be made of other materials such as cloth, wood, or plastic, and can be figures of […]

Barbie dolls for your little angel| Minifee Doll

How to Create a Nighttime Winter Wonderland

Barbie dolls have been around for fifty years and are still just as popular, invoking a sense of excitement among girls around the world. They are considered an icon of US culture by virtue of the way they epitomize stylish clothing and the way of life. Barbie’s free-spirited charisma has attracted girls from all over […]

The truth behind people buying sex dolls| Minifee Doll

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It may surprise you, but people who buy love or sex dolls are not necessarily kinky or kinky. I can tell you from personal experience because my own sex doll shop is one of the few that offers a concept that is not about having sex with a love doll, but about using them to […]

History of Japan’s Kokeshi Wooden Dolls| Minifee Doll

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Little is known of the early history of Japanese Kokeshi wooden dolls. One school of thought believes that Kokeshi dolls originate from the practice of spiritualistic religion. Wooden dolls were thought to contain the spiritual essence of the dead and were often made for honorary remembrance. The modern history of Japanese Kokeshi dolls began in […]

The many uses of a bassinet for babies| Minifee Doll

The many uses of a bassinet for babies

Whether you are toying with the idea of ​​buying a baby bassinet or not, rest assured that it can be used beyond the first few months of your baby’s life. Once a bassinet has served its purpose, it can have many other uses. I’m certainly not saying to put a 7 month old in a […]