The dolls fairy adventure in the land of Narnia

The dolls fairy adventure in the land of Narnia The dolls fairy adventure in the land of Narnia The quest to find the magic fountain In a small town called Elmsbrook, nestled amid green hills, lived a group of friends who shared a passion for adventure. The group consisted of Rina, Liska, mocha, melia, arys, […]

The fairy doll’s search for a home

The fairy doll‘s search for a home The fairy doll‘s search for a home The Unlikely Heroes: Rina, Liska, mocha, melia, arys, sarah, sakura Chapter 1: A mysterious meeting Once upon a time, in a peaceful town called Everwood, there existed a group of misfit toys calling themselves The Unlikely Heroes. Among them were Rina, […]

The difference between a Pokémon plush toy and a teddy bear| Minifee Doll

The biggest difference between a teddy bear and a stuffed toy like a Pokemon is probably the price. I bet a teddy bear is much more expensive. And the second difference is in sales: Pokemon plush toys probably outsell teddy bears by a thousand to one or more (perhaps a lot more). Adults are much […]

Will having ripped abs prevent me from performing autofellatio? Visit Barbie doll and her problem| Minifee Doll

A simple question that has arisen is whether men should be concerned about the relationship of having six pack abs and whether strengthening the abdomen will prevent a man from being able to self-felate (oral self-stimulation of a man’s own penis). Ripped abs will not hinder a man’s ability to perform autofellatio. In reality, such […]

Toys in the early 20th century| Minifee Doll

The early years of the 20th century were very different from today. Toys, although they have evolved in many ways, are still the delight of children all over the world. Explore the history of toys, as shown on the History website. Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency ushers in the “teddy bear.” In the year 1902, toy bears […]

What is a doll?| Minifee Doll

Short, sexy, baggy, and often see-through nightgowns are called ‘Babydoll‘. These women’s negligees are now eroticized and used as adult clothing. The word ‘babydoll’ arose from the movie ‘Baby Doll’ released in 1956 and had Caroll Baker as its heroine, who acted as a 19-year-old nymph. In the early 1990s, the doll went on to […]

Teddy bear| Minifee Doll

Starting business in 1941, the Verna Toy Company was a producer of dolls and stuffed animals under the ownership of Eva Barnett. Stuffed animals were first created by the company in 1948, when Arthur Eaton took it over. The first stuffed animals were made of mohair, with five joints, glass eyes and kapok (excelsior) filling. […]

Puerto Rican Wedding Traditions| Minifee Doll

A wedding is a joyous celebration and that is no different in Puerto Rico. There are some traditions that are associated with a conventional Puerto Rican marriage. One of these traditions is the offering to the couple of a drink called coffee with milk and it is served in coconut cups. the bride’s bouquet Bridal […]

Sex toys and demonic possession| Minifee Doll

A young man just sent me an email telling me what’s been going on since he got a sex doll. He is being tormented by demonic spirits. He is frustrated, he lost his job, he has no wife, etc. I sensed his deep frustration right away and had to counsel and pray with him over […]

Have we adults forgotten the true meaning of Christmas?| Minifee Doll

Every Christmas, I debate what to get my niece, Ayana. I say this because Ayana is a girl who has been given almost everything she asks for every Christmas. At the age of three, her parents bought her a Barbie Jeep. At four she bought him a 25-inch color television. At five she bought a […]