Kaori fairy doll

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The Essence of Renewal: Kaori’s Invitation to Celebrate Life

Step into a world of softness and light with Kaori, the dazzling fairy doll from the world of Dollshy. Evoking the warmth of spring and the beauty of nature in bloom, Kaori is an invitation to celebrate joy and color in any season.


Kaori: The Spring Shard of Doll’s World

Kaori is a spring fairy, bursting with bright and joyful colors. Her smooth hair is as pink as cherry blossoms, framing her radiant face and adorned with delicate flowers. Her sparkling eyes, as bright green as young spring shoots, carry within them the energy and joy of life, capturing the essence of the season of renewal.

Colors of Spring: The Dazzling Appearance of Kaori

She wears a light dress that evokes flower gardens: vibrant shades of pink, green and white. Her outfit is accented with delicate pearls and sparkling sequins, as if caressed by a spring breeze laden with flower petals. Kaori’s wings are like translucent flower petals, capturing the light and reflecting it in a ballet of spring colors.

Kaori is a cheerful and full of life fairy. She is the embodiment of the joy of spring and the beauty of renewal. Curious and mischievous, Kaori loves exploring the world around her, meeting new people and discovering new things. Her bubbly personality brings a touch of joy and happiness to all who meet her.

Joie de Vivre: The Mischievous Personality of Kaori

The Kaori fairy doll is more than just a doll, she is a celebration of spring, a story of joy and renewal. Kaori is the perfect gift for those who adore the warmth of spring, those looking to capture the magic of blooming flowers and sunny days in their daily lives. She invites you to join her magical world, a world of bright colors, laughter and discovery.

Choose the Kaori doll and let yourself be enchanted by her springtime charm. Invite into your life a doll who is not just a work of art, but a friend, a companion in joyful adventures and a source of fairy inspiration. Celebrate spring with Kaori, the fairy doll from the world of Dollshy.

  • Height: 41cm
    Head circumference: 17.3cm
    Neck circumference: 6.5cm
    Shoulder: 7.5cm
    Bust: 16.5cm
    Waistline: 12.0cm
    Hip circumference: 18.8cm
    Arm length: 11.6cm
    Leg length: 22.5cm
    Foot length: 5.3cm
    Foot width: 2.3cm
    Eyes: 14mm

PS: Due to manual measurement, there may be about 1-3cm error, please understand!

Please Note:
1. About the eyes: a pair of eyes are included as a gift for each doll. Most eyes are acrylic, a small
Some of them are made of glass.
2. About the skin: there may be small air bubbles, uneven coloring, raised seam lines and rough surfaces
Due to the characteristics of tan or custom skin resin.
Modification, exchange or cancellation of the order are not accepted once payment has been confirmed.
This condition will be satisfactorily accepted once your order is received, we ask that you only make your purchase if you understand the issues listed above.
3. The eyes and gadgets the doll is equipped with may be slightly different from the pictures. Due to the display difference, it also causes color difference. Thank you for your understanding!

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