Yuki fairy doll

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Yuki Fairy Doll is a male doll that embodies gentleness and benevolence. With his sparkling gaze and magnetic charm, he brings a comforting presence to those around him. Yuki is an attentive companion, always ready to listen and share moments of complicity. His playful and creative nature makes him a faithful friend, able to bring magic and happiness to everyone’s life.


Yuki Fairy Doll: The soft and benevolent male doll that will brighten up your life

Yuki Fairy Doll is much more than just a male doll, he is the perfect companion for those looking for a comforting presence and a captivating story. With its striking appearance and magnetic charm, Yuki Fairy Doll is designed to capture imagination and evoke emotion in children and adults.

Personality :

Yuki is a tender being, full of gentleness and benevolence. Her sparkling gaze and light gait reflect her curious and playful spirit. He is the embodiment of friendship and attentive listening. Yuki possesses a loving soul and exudes a positive energy that makes her a trusted confidant and loyal friend.

Character :

Yuki possesses a warm and comforting personality. He is caring and understanding, always ready to listen to the worries and joys of those around him. Her playful and creative nature leads her to seek out new adventures and encourage those who love her to explore their own imaginations. Yuki likes to share moments of laughter and complicity, bringing a dose of magic and happiness to everyone’s life.

History :

Yuki Fairy Doll was born from an ancient legend told for generations. It is said that he appeared in a remote village, where the inhabitants desperately needed comfort and hope. Yuki, with her caring presence and contagious smile, managed to lift heavy hearts and revive the spirit of the community.

From there, Yuki’s story spread like wildfire, touching the hearts of many who needed a comforting friend. Yuki Fairy Doll is now available to bring joy and love to homes around the world. His unique and inspiring story makes him more than just a doll; it embodies the strength of friendship, hope and resilience.

Whether it’s a child seeking a magical confidant or an adult seeking a sense of childlike joy, Yuki Fairy Doll is here to light up your life with her unconditional love and fairy charm.

(Note: Please note that Yuki Fairy Doll is an imaginary creation and does not actually exist. This description is purely fictitious.)

  • Material: resin
  • Recommend Age: 12 y,18
  • Mfg Series Number: Limited Collection
  • Certification: CE
  • Dimensions: 41cm
  • BJD/SD Attribute: doll
  • Form: 1/4
  • Gender: Unisex
Yuki Fairy doll Measurement

Height: 41cm
Head circumference: 16.4cm
Neck circumference: 6.9cm
Shoulder width: 9cm
Arm length: 13cm
Chest size: 16.5cm
Waist circumference: 13.6cm
Hip circumference: 18.1cm
Leg length: 22.5cm
Thigh circumference: 10.6cm
Calf circumference: 7.7cm
Ankle circumference: 5.4cm
Foot width: 2.2cm
Foot length: 5.2cm
Eyeball: 10mm

PS: Due to manual measurement, there may be an error of about 1-3cm, please understand!


Components: Nude/Nake doll, Default eyes 1 pair, Magic Sponge 1 piece, Clay
Options [Additional Charge]: Freestyle Face up, Freestyle Body blushing, Wig, Outfits, Shoes

1. Nude doll: Naked, excluded clothes, wig, shoes, face up etc.
2. Nude doll + Face up: Nude doll, Freestyle face up, excluded clothes, wig, shoes etc.
3. Fullset: Nude doll, Freestyle face up, clothes, wig, shoes etc.

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2th Fullset on Sale, Fullset A as pic, Normal Skin NudeDoll, Tan Skin Nude Doll, White Skin Nude Doll


Freestyle Face Up, no Face up