Karl fairy doll

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Karl – The Fairy Rebel, Rock Wizard

Discover the world of infinite imagination with “Karl”, the fairy doll with modern rock style. Karl is more than just a toy, he is a symbol of freedom and individuality, an inspiration for all those who dare to be different.


Karl fairy doll – The enchanted rebel

Created from the story of a rebellious boy with the heart of a fairy, Karl embodies the courage to follow his own path, even in the face of traditional fairy society expectations. Dressed in a chic leather jacket, ripped jeans and stylish motorcycle shoes, Karl carries a sparkling guitar, a symbol of his indomitable love for rock ‘n’ roll.

His presence in your child’s life is not just for entertainment, but also to convey a message of self-acceptance, independence and resilience. He inspires all who play with him to overcome obstacles and stay true to themselves, despite life’s challenges.

Embark with Karl on an enchanting journey, a unique blend of enchantment and rock’n’roll. Give your child the opportunity to create extraordinary stories and develop strong self-esteem with “Karl – The Fairy Rebel, Rock Wizard

  • Dimensions: 1/4
  • Forme: 1/4
  • Matériau: RÉSINE
  • Sexe: BOYS
  • Batterie: NO

Size for reference only (there may be errors), specific to the physical standard!
The following items are the same as the”
Height: 45CM
Head circumference: 18CM
Neck: 7CM
Bust: 18.2CM
Waist: 15CM
Hip: 19CM
Shoulder width: 9.5CM
Back length: 14CM
Arm length: 13CM
Upper arm circumference: 6.5CM
Leg length: 22CM
Thigh circumference: 10.7CM
Legs: 8.5CM

Foot length: 5.5CM

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