A big trend among teens and young adults right now is theme parties. There is an endless list of different themes that people apply to their parties, ranging from neon, 80s and jungle-wear themed parties to “anything but clothes” and lingerie parties.

Lingerie is a particularly popular topic because for men it’s easy (boxers or a robe are the most common outfits) and for women, they can dress as sexy as they want. Lingerie parties are usually held at a house party, but sometimes clubs or bars have “lingerie nights” where women are encouraged to wear sexy lingerie and can win prizes.

Women have many options when it comes to dressing for lingerie parties. Whether you dress conservative or liberal, you can make cute and sexy outfits out of a variety of different types of lingerie.

-For women who don’t want to show their legs, nice jeans or pants are completely acceptable for lingerie parties when paired with a sexy top. A corset, bustier, babydoll or even a bra can be worn with a simple pair of jeans and heels to create a sexy look.

-Similarly, back-covering spandex tights and shorts can be worn with a flirty camisole. This leaves your legs trimmed instead of exposed.

-Nightgowns (short lingerie dresses that double as nightgowns) are another option if you want to cover your stomach. They can be fitted or loose, sheer, lace, embroidered or solid, and they can be knee-length or shorter. Nightgowns can also be worn with pantyhose, stockings, or nude.

-Camisole tops and babydoll tops are conservative alternatives to a regular bra top and can often be found in a variety of skimpy and lacy styles. They also provide chest support (although shirts generally don’t) and can create ample cleavage depending on the type.

-Bra sets are the most popular choices for lingerie parties because most women already have a matching pair of panties and bras. Women typically opt for shorts, hipsters, or boyshort-style panties instead of thongs or thongs. You can match the top and bottom, or have contrasting pieces (such as black and white). Bra sets can be matched with stockings, pantyhose, heels, fishnet stockings and other accessories to create a sexy lingerie set.

-Dance clothes, like those worn by exotic dancers for the stage, are also becoming popular at lingerie parties. Dancewear typically consists of ultra miniskirts, midriff-baring tube or sleeveless tops, onesies, or bikini-style lycra suits. Dancewear is usually solid with more patterns and colors as opposed to lingerie. Dancewear can also be paired with leggings, leg warmers, knee socks, and a variety of different shoes. Ultra-short, sexy dresses are also popular, and often feature cutouts on the sides or back and a low V-neckline in the front, giving them a more lingerie-like feel.

An outfit for a lingerie party can be quickly picked up for a last-minute invite, or can be purchased online or in a store. Places like Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood are national retail stores that sell lingerie. online sites like yandy.com offer expedited next day shipping on your lingerie if you have a few days before the event.

Although almost anything goes at lingerie parties, the idea is to dress up, rather than just wear underwear. Bras and stockings are more what lingerie parties are all about, rather than the simple bras and panties you normally wear. Remember that whatever you wear, you won’t have a good time if you don’t feel comfortable with it. Pick something that looks good on you and covers what you want it to cover.

minifee doll by [Dollshy]