black magic and voodoo

just what actually

Can you really really do?

Go ahead and stick your pin

Play with your pretty doll

I assure you that you will not win

Never mind the pseudo-spiritual twist

Put your pins in every vile little doll

In Christ I have peace and stand tall.

I am not afraid, nor am I afraid.

Cause your doll looks nothing like me

Plus I’ve been all over the world

Haiti, Brazil and in dark spots of Africa

I am a spiritual lion connected to my Creator

The devil lacks creativity and is nothing more than a copycat.

What in vain does quite badly and pitifully.

I believe in Jesus Christ and in spirituality

Keep your dead religion centered on filthy fear

None of that matters to me to hug, or listen

The power of the risen Christ, this I appreciate

Black magic and voodoo are completely strange

I like that the prophet Elijah mocks and mocks

Realizing fully that it cannot impart life, nor endear

Neither can he guide, direct his life or direct

You towards the entrance to the blessed promised land

Voodoo and black magic tend to poverty

Start shy and live in the dark.

Live with confusion, miserable apprehension

But with Christ there is trust and certainty.

The blessed Holy Spirit powerfully fills me

fills me to overflowing, displaying his divine power

When the Name of Jesus is pronounced, the demons run away

I rejoice dancing, shouting, clapping and laughing

As Almighty God and the fragile disguises of satanic power arise

They are cut, cut, beat, broken and fall to the side of the waist.

Jesus my Lord, Christ my redeemer, with open arms

A loving smile on His face and a warm and sincere hug.

The demonic ugly always wins and all its misfortune.

minifee doll by [Dollshy]