Gene Marshall dolls emerged in 1995 and were inspired by movies from the golden age of Hollywood. These dolls were the creation of Mel Odom, a famous American artist who had created various book covers, such as the paperback editions of Patrick White’s novels. He later became a famous illustrator and created various magazine illustrations for Time, OMNI and even Playboy. However, in 1990, he became interested in designing the face paint for the modern limited edition 25cm Mdavnii. This then renewed his interest in dolls which was fostered by Gene Marshall’s creation.

Gene Marshall stood 15.5 inches tall and came with costumes and accessories designed after the elegance of Hollywood’s golden age from the 1920s to the 1950s. Odom’s creation had started the creation of a genre of dolls that are very different from the 11-year-old Barbie. ,5 inches. The dolls were made by Ashton-Drake Galleries until delivered to Jason Wu with Integrity Toys in 2005. The popularity of the dolls also led other doll makers to create their own series that has similar attributes to Gene Marshall. These companies were the Tonner doll Company, Bella Productions, and Madame Alexander.

Other character dolls in the collection that followed the popularity of Gene Marshall included Madra Lord, Ivy Jordan, Trent Osborn, and Violet Waters. Ivy Jordan is a character doll who is described as Gene’s humorous best friend and is affectionately called by her nickname “Vee”. In the spring of 2006, the first collection came out, designed by Mel Odom and manufactured by Jason Wu. In 2007, several collections came out, such as the Silver Screen Collection, The Return of Madra Lord, and the Stepping High Collection.

However, now that the designs have been turned over to Jason Wu, the newer collections include the characters Zita Charles and Oona. Zita Charles is described as a star of the silent film era who became extremely wealthy after being widowed by an industrialist husband. She is also labeled as Gene’s mentor and is a fashionable social figure in Hollywood. The character Oona, on the other hand, is also known as the Oona “Belleweather” doll and is described as a mystery even on the Integrity Toys website. Oona is a redhead with the appeal of a classic Hollywood glamor beauty. With multiple repaints on Gene Marshall dolls, the characters become timeless beauty and the exquisite collection is a great addition to every doll collector’s display.

minifee doll by [Dollshy]