I know this sounds a bit extreme, but will reborn dolls take over for reality? If you have children yourself, then you know what I mean. Any parent who has stayed up all night with a sick child, then put on a happy face and go to work the next day can relate to this. Jokes aside, a doll (no matter how pretty) could never take the place of our children. But creations like these might just make your mind wander!

These dolls are so incredibly lifelike that they are known as reborn dolls – reborn from a craftsman or maker. They’ve become so popular lately that even Dr. Phil and 20/20 have done segments highlighting these works of art. Why does all the attention go to one doll? I think you may agree, if you have seen one of these realistic creations, which are nothing short of impressive. I remember the first time I saw one a few years ago. I tiptoed around the room and even looked for signs of breathing until my friend told me it was a doll. Imagine my surprise (and shock) to discover that what I thought was a precious life was, in fact, a carefully crafted and lovingly assembled reborn baby doll!

I wouldn’t call this new development a trend, but it started quite recently, sometime during the 1990s. As the wave of electronic toys and games began to overwhelm us with their seamless digital operation, some hearts and souls were left unsatisfied with their coldness. incorporated. It’s hard to hug a Wii or a PlayStation! It was then that artisans from all over the world began to produce and add details to these beautiful dolls that we sometimes mistake for living babies.

Minifee baby dolls have no electronics, do not speak, and will never entertain you with any kind of digital screen or video game. They are literally “reborn” from a lesser doll to which many details have been added. Details like spot-on coloring (they also have black and Hispanic babies), perfectly applied hair, and facial details that will wow even the ardent non-believer. Dolls named after the process that actually created them almost always bring out the maternal instincts in almost every girl (or woman) lucky enough to get one of these incredible dolls.

Since many of these creations are made individually, it is quite possible that no two dolls will be exactly alike, just like your baby! The rarity of some of the most expensive models by well-known artists that sometimes take hundreds of hours to create a perfect baby out of plastic, fabric, and paint, can cost as much as $5,000!

It doesn’t matter if you spent $50 or $5,000, your reborn doll can be a surrogate child to fill the void in your heart that was created the day your last child grew up and left its nest. Some reading this may think this is a bit silly, but I say walk in my shoes once your kids have grown up and moved on. I think you can reconsider. Many career women who never had the chance to raise a family often have these lifelike dolls to help take the place of the children who never were.

Today’s reborn baby doll is a work of art that can occupy your heart and home, and that says a lot for something that was considered a mere toy just a few years ago!

minifee doll by [Dollshy]