Mothers who lose a baby due to miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, cot death or accident grieve and long to hold their child. I started making memorial reborn babies when I lost my own baby.

A reborn angel baby doll made to look like your lost baby or child can help fill the emptiness in your arms and ease the ache in your heart. A mother’s need to hold and nurture her child is a very strong instinct. Having a reborn baby custom made that looks just like her child can help with pain. Your reborn is the actual size and weight of a real baby and fits into newborn clothes.

Angel babies are created based on photos taken of the child, or if there are no photos, they can be based on the photos of the baby’s siblings, or the parents’ hair and eye color if there are no other children.

Some of the memorial reborn babies can be made with some of the baby’s cremated ashes inside the arms so that when the mom is holding the baby and stroking the baby’s arms, she is really holding her own child. Some of your child’s hair can also be added to reborn angel babies.

A memorial reborn baby doll can be very therapeutic for the pain of losing a child.

It’s a beautiful way to honor the brief time these precious angels spent on earth.

TO doll-for-infant-loss/”>memorial reborn baby it can be done for older children who have died. They can be made from your baby photos. The last baby memorial I made was for a beautiful 17 year old girl named Natasha. She was killed. I created the memorial reborn baby from Natasha’s baby photos. I added some of Natasha’s ashes in the reborn baby’s arms so that when her mother cradles her, she is holding Natasha.

Having a reborn doll that looks just like your precious angel baby for you to cuddle, love and hold can help you deal with the loss of your baby.

minifee doll by [Dollshy]