Madame Alexander’s Cissy dolls are some of the most sought after in her vast collection of dolls.

1955 was the first year the Cissy was released, although the face had been used on the walkers of the previous years. The new Cissy was called “A Classy Couture doll“. She was between 20 and 21 years old, figure of a debutante, high-heeled feet and sleeved and articulated arms at the elbows. She was a walker. Trademark 686,168, Debutante Series (except Queen).

The Cissy doll was used extensively in magazine advertisements, advertising Yardley of London. These 1950s magazine ads are also collector’s items.

Also, in the 1950s, the British government asked Madame Alexander to make a doll to represent Queen Elizabeth II. She made a 20″ Cissy doll as Queen Elizabeth II, dressed in a white brocade court gown with a blue garter band and star. Her tiara, earrings, and bracelets are embellished with rhinestones and rubies and she wears long white gloves. This doll, in excellent condition, can sell for over $1200.00.

Madame Alexander designed a complete wardrobe for Cissy that included lingerie, street and evening wear, and many accessories. Every year, special dolls with complete outfits were issued. Cissy was made until 1959. From 1959 to 1961, her face was used for doll portraits. Madame Alexander doll Company has reissued Cissy. However, both the facial and body molds have been modified. It is still being made today and is still sought after by collectors.

The final word is that Madame Alexander dolls have always been collectible and should remain so. They must endure in time and value.

Source by [Clément L.]