If you want to create a winter wonderland that comes to life at night, then you’re going to need some serious decorating in your garden. Creating a wonderful Winter Wonderland takes a bit of work, but it’s worth it because when people visit your home at Christmas, they will feel like they’ve entered a magical fairyland the moment they walk down your path. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can turn a standard patio into a Winter Wonderland and make visiting your home a magical experience for all who visit.

blue and white tree lights

One of the ways that you can decorate is with string lights that are either blue or white that cover all the tree branches in your yard. These Koopower Fairy Lights are a great example of a light that can get the job done and have a timer and remote control. Plus, they’re battery-powered so they’ll last all season with energy-efficient LEDs that are extremely bright even from a distance. However, you can also go for blue lighting because blue is the color of cold and making your trees glow blue is one of the best ways to create a magical wonderland in your front yard. However, it takes a bit of work to outfit your trees with these types of lights.

Container and decorated trees

You can install decorated containers and trees in your yard as a way to enhance your Christmas decorating experience. In the north, there are few trees that are as useful for the landscape and driveway as dwarf Alberta spruces. They grow very slowly and can be grown in containers for many years. That means you can have the same trees to decorate for Christmas for up to five years.

Also, you can choose decorated trees that are already growing in your garden. Stringing lights and adding baubles and other decorations to Christmas trees in your yard will really add to a Winter Wonderland scene. You can find containerized trees at any home improvement store or garden center, and you can decorate your own tree with the lights and ornaments you would use for your regular indoor Christmas tree.

Cover your garden with artificial snow

A winter wonderland is a fantastic thing, but not everyone gets the chance to have snow every year for Christmas. In some parts of the country, and especially the world, snow hardly ever comes. That means you have to make your own snow. If you want to create a winter wonderland, you should definitely consider using artificial snow to cover your lawn, pile it on your utility poles and porch fences, and place it anywhere else snow might fall and stick.

Fake snow can be found in many different places, but the best place to buy fake snow is online. You can cover your garden and make it look like a winter wonderland, even if you are not in an environment where snow falls.

Place decorative garlands and curtains

A great way to dress up your porch is to put up decorative garlands and drapes that will really make your porch look unique. Wreaths are actually quite a common theme when it comes to draping porch pillars and adding exterior decorations. What most people don’t do, however, is place curtains that can withstand the elements on their porch. Red curtains that will add a pop of color to your decor are one of the best unique methods that you can use to create an amazing design that everyone will remember.

Garlands and decorative wreaths are just a couple of different ideas you can use for Christmas decorations, but they are two of the best ideas out there. There are many different garlands you can use, from those with colored lights or white lights, to ones you can make yourself. Also, these Christmas curtains can come in red or green or any combination of the two colors and still make your porch look amazing.

Place Christmas decorative accessories

You can also place decorative Christmas accessories around your garden to make it look like a Winter Wonderland. There are many ways to do this, but one of the best accessories to use is an old sled that you no longer use. The older the sleigh, the better, and you may even want to find one on eBay or another antique website, because old wooden sleds will make the best decoration for your Wonderland.

However, there are many decorative items that you use instead of sleds. If you can’t find the sleigh, then consider using an old pair of ice skates, an old radio that seems to be tuned to Christmas music, or any of the props from Christmas movies that people will remember. For example, the Red Ryder BB pistol has been inextricably linked to Christmas in a way very few things are.

Fill your patio with Christmas characters

To complete your Winter Wonderland motif, you may want to fill your garden with Christmas characters. This means having to go out and find these characters at home improvement or department store stores. However, having the right reindeer or snowmen in your garden will definitely contribute to the Winter Wonderland you are trying to build.

The bottom line is that there are plenty of ideas for creating the perfect Christmas theme, but the ideas listed here will give you a huge boost when it comes to making your garden look unique and totally Christmas-ready. Characters that make people think of Christmas are one of the best little-known gadgets that can take your garden to the next level. Hopefully, you now have some great ideas on how to improve your Christmas decor.

Source by [Clément L.]