There are a variety of eyes available for doll making and reborning, some are plastic, some are glass. The best eyes to use are German multiflecks. They are easy to work with and have a realism never seen before in the doll‘s eyes.

You will want to start by baking your baby in a low oven for 8 minutes to make it more pliable, or alternatively you can use a hair dryer to heat the eye socket area, remembering to heat both the inside of the head and the outside. Taking your thin bladed cutter, cut the vinyl fold inside the eye socket, this is not necessary and can be carefully cut to expose the inside of the head in preparation for the eye. Using a glue similar to the one you use to seal the inside of the head after microrooting, this should be a clear drying glue, apply a small amount to the outline of the eye socket on the inside, where the eye will sit in place . This can be quite tricky so it’s best to take your time and make sure you don’t spill any glue over the sides, it can be quite obvious to the naked eye once it’s in place.

Once the glue is applied, let it rest for about five minutes, this will make it easier for the eye to adhere to the socket, if you apply it immediately you will see that your eyeball will slide a lot. To get a good grip, it’s best to let the glue dry during this time and then snap the eye into place. Attaching the eye is again a procedure that requires patience and close attention to the area you are working on, pushing in the eye, move it around until you are happy with the position, and then gently push the glue in.

It is recommended that you hold the eye in place with your fingers for another five minutes to ensure that it does not move and has adhered well enough to hold its position while being set in place. When you are sure that you can remove your fingers and the eyeball will not move, you can gently withdraw your hand, keeping your head very steady. Your eye will take a few hours to position itself correctly, so it’s best to find something fairly small and heavy, some sort of working tool, a wrench or something similar.

Place the head in a position where it cannot move and support the weight inside the head against the eye to prevent the glue from coming loose. After a few hours, your eyes should be permanently set and you can put other finishing touches on your reborn. .

minifee doll by [Dollshy]