Kamkins dolls are one of the most sought after items that a collector of antique dolls may want to have as part of their collection. Kamkins dolls were made by Louise R. Kampes in 1919 and were made by hand until the early 1930s in her studio in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Made primarily of cloth, Louise created a technique that would sanitize faces by using a mold over which layers of rubber were placed. By sanitary it means that it was designed to be easily cleaned. Then the fabric is placed and before it is vulcanized and then it is painted.

This special method was patented on November 2, 1920 under patent number 1357779. The cotton bodies are then marked with red heart-shaped paper tags that are printed with “A Dolly Made to Love” Patented by LR Kampes Atlantic City, NJ “Some of the dolls were also marked differently in that they had a tag stamped on the back of the head or on the foot of the dolls.

The normal sized Kamkins stood between 18 and 19 inches and sport mohair wigs or even wigs made of human hair. The hair style was Dutch cut and was used for either male or female dolls, but dolls with long hair were also available for female characters. The 19-inch (48 cm) dolls also came with a voice box or crybaby on the back. The 18-inch version came with blue painted eyes and a blonde wig. The toes and thumbs were also sewn separately and the hip joints were also sewn.

New wardrobes that came in different styles were also available each year. Kamkins dolls accessories include shoes, sandals, wardrobe, hats and socks. These dolls are generally hard to find today and an interested Kamkins collector will be able to find dolls in good condition on online auction sites. A circa 1925 19-inch Kamkins doll in good condition, with a slight mark on the nose, can even fetch $950 on an online auction site.

For doll and antique collectors who are interested in starting a Kamkins doll collection, it is best to check online auction sites and even doll conventions for dolls that are still in good condition. There is also a 6.5-inch-tall miniature version of the Kamkins and a single doll can be purchased for $499. But just to set expectations for those who are interested in purchasing one, most of the Kamkins dolls available for sale sell out immediately due to their rarity.

Source by [Clément L.]