The Quinceañera is a magical moment in the life of a young lady. Maybe your sister, cousin or even an aunt is celebrating her Quinceanera. Of course, you want to share at all events. But do you know everything about the Quinceañera itself?

What is a Quinceanera?

La Quinceañera celebrates a girl’s fifteenth birthday party. Many quinceañeras go to church and attend a special Mass, called the Thanksgiving Mass. The priest blesses them and says a prayer that they remain faithful to their friends and family. The quinceañera’s family and a special group of godparents, called padrinos, attend Mass with her.

After mass, it’s time for a party! The Quinceanera is a big event that lasts almost all night. Many of your friends and family will be there to help the quinceañera celebrate.

Why do we have Quinceañeras?

By tradition! The history of the Quinceañera goes back hundreds of years, to the Aztec Empire of South America. In those days, girls became adults when they turned fifteen. Some even got married so young!

Today, the Quinceañera is destined to welcome a girl to become a young woman. It is a time for families to celebrate together and be proud of their quinceañera and the beauty of it.

What are the tiara and scepter?

Tradition says that all girls are princesses in their Quinceanera. The tiara is to show how the quinceañera officially becomes a young woman. Sometimes her grandmother gives it to her. At other times, her godmother will place the tiara on her head during Mass.

The scepter is like a staff, but with jewels and other special decorations. Scepters are held when a queen or princess is in command of her kingdom. Because quinceañeras “rule” their party, they can wear a scepter for the night.

What is the Last doll?

The ultima muneca, or Last doll, is a symbol of the quinceañera leaving childhood behind. If that sounds cruel, most fifteen-year-old girls are ready to put away their toys.

In one tradition, the quinceañera exchanges the last doll for a bouquet of flowers. After Mass, leave the flowers on the altar as a prayer. In other traditions, the quinceañera receives the doll at her party. You can choose to throw it up in the air, and the child who catches the doll keeps it.

What’s at the party?

All kinds of fun! The parents and godparents of the quinceañera will have a great dinner prepared for everyone. After everyone eats, there is a dance floor where everyone can relax and have a good time. Some quinceañeras even give all of their guests special gifts, called favors, as a thank you for coming.

minifee doll by [Dollshy]