Miyuki fairy doll

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The Magic of Winter in a Doll: The Fairy Miyuki by Dollshy

Let yourself be charmed by Miyuki, the dazzling fairy doll from the world of Dollshy. Like something out of a wintry fairy tale, Miyuki is the epitome of grace and enchanting beauty. She is the icy treasure waiting to unfold in your collection.


Miyuki : L’Enchanteresse de l’Hiver du Monde de Dollshy

Miyuki is a winter fairy, wearing the colors of frost and fresh snow. Her sleek hair is as white as snowflakes, tied in a sleek bun adorned with glittering ice crystals. Her sparkling eyes, as blue as the frozen lake, carry with them the stillness of winter, capturing the essence of her beloved season.

Frozen Shard: Exploring Miyuki’s Winter Appearance

She wears a bewitching dress reminiscent of winter landscapes: soft colors of white, icy blue and silver gray. Her outfit is accented with delicate pearls and sparkling ice crystals, as if she had been touched by a shower of sparkling snow. Miyuki’s transparent wings resemble delicate snowflakes, capturing light and refracting it into a sparkling winter spectacle.

Miyuki is a quiet and reserved fairy. It carries within it the peace of winter silence and the wonder of the first snowflake. Although she is shy, Miyuki is also brave and strong, able to brave the fiercest snowstorms with a gentle, serene smile. She embodies the quiet beauty of winter, bringing a sense of calm and peace to those who encounter her.

The Sweet Force of Winter: Diving into Miyuki’s Quiet Personality

The Miyuki fairy doll is more than just a doll, she is a vision of a fairy winter, a story of courage and tranquility. Miyuki is the perfect gift for those who find beauty in the silence of winter, those looking to capture the magic of frost and snow in their daily lives. She invites you to join her magical world, a world of calm, beauty and winter wonderland.

Choose the Miyuki doll and let yourself be carried away by her winter charm. Bring a doll into your life who is not just a work of art, but a friend, a companion of tranquility and a source of fairy inspiration. Discover the magic of winter with Miyuki, the fairy doll from the world of Dollshy.


Material: RESIN
Condition: In-Stock Items
Features: Mini,SOFT,Cartoon,Model,Educational,DIY Toy
Theme: Movie & tv
Battery: No
Model Number: Minifee
Warning: No
Item Type: Dolls
Dimensions: 41cm
BJD/SD Attribute: doll
Type: Interactive Dolls,FASHION DOLL
Shape: 1/4
Gender: Unisex
Series: Minifee Fairyland Doll
BJD Skin Color: White, Normal, Tan
BJD Wig Option: BJD Hair For Dolls Charge Extra
BJD EYES Option: BJD Eyes For Toys Included
BJD DOLLS Faceup Option: Face Up Charge Extra
BJD Shoes Option: BJD Shoes For Dolls Charge Extra
BJD Clothes Option: BJD Clothes For Dolls Charge Extra
Gift For: BJD Dolls For Girls
Toy For: BJD Dolls Girl Toys
Material Detail: BJD Silicone Reborn Baby Dolls

Product Information

Why choose us

1. Strength team: focus on BJD doll for more than 10 years, integrating R&D, design, production and sales; Owns the original master painter, pattern makers, dresser, make-up artist, from creation, design, molding, molding, grinding, make-up, Then to clothing design and production up to hundreds of working procedures, such as sewing, modeling all done by experienced craftsmen, introduced to your BJD doll, each style is unique and of high artistic value.
2. Selected high-quality source materials: selected high-quality resin, exquisite and smooth, comfortable to touch.
3. Exquisite three-dimensional makeup: professional makeup team, advanced pure manual spray pen technology, to create realistic delicate makeup!
4. DIY Variable modeling: flexible joints, strong plasticity, various parts can be converted at will and posed; Can also change makeup, clothes, eyes, hair and style.
5. Personalized customization: handmade, according to your needs, customize your exclusive BJD doll.
6. Exquisite gift packaging: the official brand exquisite packaging box, new kingdom gift, more beautiful and decent.

Minifee Miyuki size:

Height: 41cm
Head circumference: 18.5cm
Neck circumference: 6.8cm
Shoulder width: 8.0cm
Arm length: 11.4cm
Bust: 16.8cm
Height: 11.8cm
Hips: 18.8cm
Leg length: 24.8cm
Thigh circumference: 10.8cm
Calf Circumference: 7.1cm
Ankle circumference: 4.8cm
Foot width: 2.3cm
Foot length: 5.3cm
Eyeball: 14mm

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