Discover the place where rivers cross and enmity has reigned for a long time. Crossing the Caprivi Strip (in a 4 x 4) we reached the country nestled between Namibia to the West, South Africa and Zambia to the North and Zimbabwe to the East.

We enter the home of the Okavango Delta, Botswana. Let’s not forget that there are Island Lodges in and around Caprivi that offer a welcome oasis of 5-star luxury along the way.

Before I go ahead and tell you about the infamous Okavango Delta and the Tuli Block, I would suggest considering Botswana as a honeymoon destination or a location for a wedding blessing. Legal weddings are, of course, possible, but in major cities and will probably be some distance from the location of your choice.

Tuli Block is in the eastern part of Botswana and lies between the Limpopo and Shashe rivers. You can find some of the most impressive private game reserves in Africa in this area. There is an abundance of wildlife, roaming within this combination of open plains, jagged hills, and Mopane forests.

The best time to visit the Delta is in April/May/August and September, when the weather is best. However, bird lovers should visit between October and January, when migrants from the Northern Hemisphere arrive in the Delta. Access to the delta is usually by safari boat or small plane from Maun or Kasane, but there are guides who run self-drive safaris from South Africa.

The AA guide to places to visit in southern Africa – describes the delta as follows and I quote as I can’t put it in better words than these – “The vast Okavango Delta is a natural fairyland of a thousand islands in a thousand streams, born of the great rivers the determination to reach the sea”. (Page 408)

The Okavango Delta is the best wetland with more than 1000 species of plants.

And it is the perfect destination for bird lovers and sports fishermen. Tiger fish and bream are among those that top the angler’s list and the rare raptor, Pel’s fishing owl.

Don’t forget Chobe National Park, Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Aha Hills, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, GCW Haba Caverns, Moremi Game Reserve, Khutse Game Reserve, Mabuase-hube Game Park, the Makgadigadi Region or the Tsodili Hills, as these are part of the experience that is Botswana.

Source by [Clément L.]