Oh goodness, we’ve already got a new thread and everything. :sweat I should find time to visit DoA more often….

Here are some replies addressed to the previous thread. xD;;;;

@NekoNyanMew You’re very welcome! ^^ And thank you~ I tend to photograph in natural light 90% of the time, I’ve never really learned to work well with artificial light. :’3 In my current apartment I have really big windows, so it’s pretty bright in here, especially during summer. It helps a lot with photography. <3

@Musume Thank you for the kind words about Mi Cha! :D … and now I can add to the conversation in this thread: I’ve got a Vito guy from Souldoll in Sandy Brown, so I can compare him to the Withdoll resin samples when I’m able to go visit Yenna. I remember that when we did a tan resin comparison earlier, Withdoll’s Brown Tan UV was similar in shade and darkness to my Bambicrony Tan skin, but Souldoll’s Sandy Brown is definitely lighter in comparison to Bambicrony. But I don’t think that Souldoll’s Sandy Brown will be a match to Withdoll’s Real skin UV either, as Sandy Brown is a bit darker and more red in tone. But we’ll take a comparison photo when we get together again, for sure. :)



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