Hello, yes, one of my favorites! I only have one so far, but the portability of the mature 1/6 makes her my travel buddy. (Just in case you didn’t know, Barbie’s size range is usually considered a mature 1/6.)

Some of my personal favorites in the size range:
The smaller-headed girls from Maskcatdoll (I have Inez): https://www.maskcatdoll.com/1-6-26cm
Some of MYOU’s 1/6 are on more mature bodies: BJD MYOU DOLL
Dollmore’s 1/6 fashion line: dollmore,bjd,ball jointed doll,doll wig,bjd faceup,bjd collector,人形,球体关节人形,구관,구관인형,doll wig,doll bag,doll hair,resin doll,doll,doll furniture,doll hair,doll boots,doll shoes,doll clothes,doll outfits,saran hair,saran,doll making tool,doll pastel,painting color
Asleep Eidolon’s mature 1/6 (a lot look young in product photos, but would look much older with the right face up): https://www.aedoll.com/1-6-special-1
XagaDoll’s special 1/6 (a lot of variation in ages here): https://www.aedoll.com/red-obisidian-1-6sp
Granado’s tinies, especially if you want someone more realistic or adult: https://www.doll-granado.com/shop?page=2
Liz from MissMianDoll is stunning: Stock【Whispering Girl:Liz】MissMianDoll 1/6 bjd

There’s a whole lot more if you include off-topic dolls. If you’re interested in any of those, browse Brigadoon for threads that mention 1/6, mature 1/6, or fashion dolls; you’ll have to wade through a bit, but you’ll find tones of options!



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