This. This x1000.

I’d love to see simple modern furniture. Volks has a lovely modern couch that is nice, simple, and uncluttered that is exactly the sort of thing I’m thinking of here. I could probably find a fainting couch or a fancy-pants chair that looks like it fell out of the nearest brothel — and don’t get me wrong, for some of my crew, that would be exactly what would be appropriate — but it’s hard to find nice, simple, modern furniture in SD size. I’ve seen what people make themselves/special order from craftsmen, that couch, and a few beds that qualify for modern SD furnishings without the fluff, glitz, excessive floral prints/lace/tassels/velvet/pink/etc. I’ve seen a few stunning gothic pieces that are fairly elaborate that I would have loved to have gotten my hands on, but they were sold out long before I ever saw them.



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