Hi @aeth! I actually just discovered this line and was confused if it’ll be in the Large or Mini dolls forum, too! :lol:

Have you ordered a doll from this line?

I’ve been gone from the hobby for about 7 years, and am really liking the 50cm mature sizes. I also like fashion dolls so I like the type of clothes you can get for SDs but find 60cm and up sizes too large and unwieldy for me to handle. (It’s quite something to see the explosion in the number of companies putting out 65cm and larger sizes compared to back then.) Since Telesthesia’s line is more affordable than Souldoll Vito, the Granado lines, and others, this is what I’m considering getting as a test to see how I like the size.

On Alice’s Collections, the description says we have 5 head options for this body, all resculpted to fit a smaller body (although I hope they add more):

I really like Mei Jiuqi (but with human ears) and am seriously considering getting him sometime this year.

If anyone already has the body and/or smaller heads, please share!



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