Hello!^^ I have a question for those who have gotten Minisups recently, from the new casting service that Supia has been using since sometime last year (if your doll came sanded, it is likely from the new casting service).

Does your girl stand on her own?

I got my first minisup body weeks ago, and both her lower legs looked positively warped, making her look ()-legged, also the ankle balls of the feet had gone up too far inside the lower legs and dilated the resin of the legs visibly. You know, like the resin hadn’t cured properly before they strung her up. I contacted Supia with pictures of the legs and they replaced the leg that looked the worst with a perfectly straight leg. But now that leg is longer than the remaining original leg which is still slightly warped, and she still won’t stand. That leg doesn’t even touch the ground.
Stressed out I decided to try to amend things myself rather than wait for Supia for weeks and weeks again – I boiled the warped leg and tried to straighten it a bit. It does look odd still, but now she can at least stand a little bit, with endless patient positioning…

Are all the newer girls more or less like this? Or do yours stand fine?
Thank you!^^



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