*winces* Yeah, the Dollshe wait seems pretty brutal. I’m hopeful my order of a Pure body will be close(ish) to what was stated (2-3 months).

I was quite pleased with the timing of my SD order. They pretty much delivered when they said they would and that included a gorgeous face-up. The layaway was super easy as well.

I’m trying to appeal to my reasonable self (that seems to wander off whenever dolls are added to a discussion) with regards to my Vito purchase later this year. Doll-self says do a layaway for Eilam (Rail) AND the Vito body I need for Ra-Sui at the same time. Reasonable-self cringes at the cash outlay of a full doll with face-up + body and the possible evil Customs fees a package like that could wallop me for. Doll-self says it makes better planning to get them both at the same time as by the time Eilam is ready to ship, I’d probably be placing the order for Ra-Sui’s body anyway. I’m a little worried that doll-self seems more reasonable than reasonable-self.



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