Copied some parts from my existing reply in “Souldoll Feedback (2010)”

* What did you order?
SoulKids (Kid Girl) Arina (1/4, 43 cm)
With Sandy Brown skin.
With NL girl body.
With custom face-up request.
Got 1 pair of random eyes and 1 random wig.

* When did you order?
I paid in layaway term. So I first ordered on 3 July 2012.
After final payment was confirmed 2 months later in September, the doll was shipped immediately the next day.

* Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion?
Absolutely! :aheartbea

* Did the item look like the sales pictures?
Yes. But since I got custom face-up, I would say my doll looks far prettier :lol:

* Were you satisfied with the product?
Totally satisfied. I am so in love with my girl.

* Tell us some of the positives and negatives about this product (optional)
Positives: Good size, light-weight, easy to carry around for photo trips.
Very good pose-ability, as the NL body has wonderful joints.
The custom face-up is gorgeous. They did the job nicely and pretty much precise to my request picture.
The body shape and skin is just completely fabulous. Resin is so smooth. Colour is perfectly even. No blemish or blotch.

I would say this doll Arina is perrrrrrrrfect for me.
The negatives below are just precautions and minor outfit problems, which can easily be solved on customer’s end.

She arrived with slightly loose string (only around the shoulders, strange enough!)
It is quite hard to pose her with any of the arms up
(for example, pointing a hand directly forward, or spreading arms out, open arms, like going to give a big hug).
Might be able to solve the problem by restringing. I haven’t tried yet.

Also, she is in sandy brown resin, it is easy to see scrape marks on the resin where the joints scrub against each other.
So I will need to take extra care when changing her pose, trying not to make the joints scrape each other.

It might be a bit tough to find ready-made outfit, as the NL body I got has quite big breast and big hips.
So some standard-sized MSD clothing might not fit, i.e. I have problem putting a pair of jeans overall on her because the thighs stuck.
Can solve this problem by choosing other type of clothing, or order a specifically tailored outfit.

Additionally, the head size can be difficult to find a good wig.
Usually, other MSD wigs turn out to be too big.
Even the silicon head cap (to put on the head under the wig) of size 1/4 cannot fit (too big!)
I am now using silicon cap sized 1/6 on her.

* Would you buy more from this company?
Yes, of course. And I highly recommend Soul Doll!

The one on the right is my Arina.
The one on the left is my friend’s Hunoi.
We ordered together so they arrived together.




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