Souldoll MSD and Vito addicted Snowy reporting in! *salutes*
Faithfully reporting that my haul from the discontinue event has come in today.

1 x Joelle (ws), 2 x Elden (1 ns, 1 ws) and 1x Asen (ns)
Wildcard Dragon on Instagram: “My haul from #souldoll ‚s discontinue event arrived. Still sad that a lot of the sculpts that made me fall in live over and over again are…”

They are even more beautiful in real live and I’m even more pleased to report that the hybrid bodies from Mystic Kids for the pointy eared part of the four has started to head towards the location of their heads today as well XD
Joelle already claimed a body that didn’t fit a different head (a Dream Valley one), but still needs a slight neck modification (sanding down a bit of the extra lenght), the white skin match looks to be good thought :D
Wildcard Dragon on Instagram: “#souldolljoelle head in white skin on #dreamvalleybjd bodyin ws. Currently only got artificial light, but match looks good. The neck does…”

And for the record: The current Souldoll NS is a bit darker/pinker than Resinsoul’s ns, so it’s a decend match :3
Wildcard Dragon on Instagram: “My #souldollelden head from the discontinued event by #souldoll shows that their current normal skin is a bit darker/pinker than my…”

@Bristol Mystic Kids white skin is a perfect match and fit and I’ve just put a new Joelle head on a new Dream Valley head and that also seems to work out perfectly, except for the neck lenght (pic linked above), but I currently only have artificial light, might be a bit different in natural light, but from what I see it should be a good match.

Don’t know if AoD changed their ns-p, but Souldoll’s is a bit pinker/darker than it used to be (see Resinsoul pic – their current ns is what Souldoll’s used to be. Difference is not large thought).
I intend to put my ns heads on Mystic Kids normal skin body (normal normal, not their old normal pink or normal yellow). I have a Mystic Kids Sean here, where the ns matched a new Vito Paw head very well, so I’m in good spirits that this hybrid will work out just like their ws does -^3^-

@nanaminore You could try asking them directly, if you haven’t already :3 They might let you know.



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