I have 2 MYOU 1/4 dolls on the version 2-II body that arrived back in December, and for the most part, I absolutely love them. But in all honesty, these girls just do not stand. Their legs are constantly buckling under them and have a ragdoll quality to them, it takes several minutes to attempt balancing them, and even my secondhand dolls that desperately need restringing can stand easier than they can. This isn’t a problem when they’re on their shelf as I keep them sitting while displayed, but I like going on photo excursions with my dolls and it’s hard to work with them when they’re falling all over the place. For the most part, they feel too loose, but their heads always snap to the side and lean at an angle which makes them feel too tight?

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone with more experience than myself has any advice for me. Should they be restrung, or is this just an unfortunate quality of their body sculpt?



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