I have a few trans dolls, they’re not on modified bodies. While I have ummed and ahhed over it for a while, I don’t actually know any trans people who have undergone full gender reassignment surgery (I know a couple of guys who’ve had breast removals though), so I didn’t think it was terribly important to ensure my dolls had ‘post surgery’ bodies. One is a trans girl on a female body, one is a NB individual on a male body, and one is a trans girl on a male body. I have a couple of other gender non-conforming dolls, but I wouldn’t consider them trans really.

I think that it’s really up to you how you want to portray your doll as trans. I talk with my trans friends about it (several of them are in the hobby) and make sure I’m not doing something inadvertently offensive, but other than that I just go with my gut. I’m lucky to have a large number of trans friends so I’ve learned a lot about their experiences and the different perspectives of different people. For me, I’m not usually a huge fan of heavily modded dolls (I don’t dislike them, I actually think they’re awesome, I just don’t feel a desire to own them) so for me it was something that I didn’t especially want to do, or feel was necessary. I love that there are a lot of different kinds of trans dolls out there, just like there are a lot of different kinds of trans people. :) I do eventually want to sand off my trans girl’s penis, but I’ve already had her for like over five years so I’m clearly not desperate to get that done :lol:

@Lupie_Stardust I hadn’t seen your boy’s mods before but WOW you nailed it! Beautiful work :aheartbea



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