Hello all~ I’ve been a BJD collector for a long time, since 2007. I have enjoyed buying, selling and trading dolls during my entire collecting journey – but as of late I’ve noticed how poor the second-hand market is for sellers. This is not necessarily a surprise considering the economic downturn many countries have taken since COVID-19 and other political stressors. With Volks celebrating this 25th anniversary this year, it’s also safe to say that BJD markets are now saturated with a ton dolls from numerous companies. So it feels like the ‘supply’ is often exceeding the ‘demand’…

With all this being said, I (as I’m sure with many other collectors) still want to engage in the hobby and continue to buy, sell and trade. I wanted to ask from other collectors what tips they have regarding sales? What has helped you move dolls along to a new home? Or as a buyer, what do you usually look for in a deal?

I currently try to offer layaways – although I try to limit the length of layaways, but perhaps I could try offering very long layaways for people who need the financial flexibility. I also try to include extras/freebies to incentivize the deal, but that hasn’t worked as well as I hoped. If I have the energy I try to offer a free custom faceup on a doll, but as of late I don’t have that type of time/energy – but maybe in the future. Anyway, I just would like to hear some tips you all might have. I know ultimately if I want to sell something fast I need to discount it heavily – but before I go that route, I was curious what other tactics I might try. Thanks for your insight!

*Note: Please be mindful that we cannot reference any of our current sales, so please just provide examples and not directly link to sales pages on DoA or off DoA. :)



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