The rudest two I’ve had were:

– “Ewww, Chucky!” when my doll had absolutely nothing in common with Chucky aside from being a male doll. Long blond hair, green eyes, white skin, adult, in a business suit. But the whole Chucky thing already annoys me after more than a decade working at Spencer’s and watching grown adults screaming and being obnoxious over an actual Chucky doll, so this was just extra irritating to me.

-“Well, isn’t he an ugly thing!” by a JoAnn employee who was asking too many questions about what I planned to do with my fabric, then “doll stuff” wasn’t enough detail because she couldn’t imagine a doll that wasn’t American Girl or a baby doll. So I pulled him out of my bag and got that instant reaction. How are you going to take that much interest in my hobby just to be rude as hell?

I’ve also had people say they’re creepy, that I’m weird, insist my (masculine presenting) boy was a girl and demand “proof”, someone condescendingly ask me if my doll was my baby while I was taking photos in a park, some random stranger let their toddler grab my doll at a meet up, that my doll looked like a monkey. Oddly enough, the only person who ever told me to give them free dolls was in the hobby! Her reasoning was that it wasn’t fair that I had more, so should give her a few to make it even.:?

And the funniest goes to Jason Narvy (Skull from Power Rangers). He was asking questions about one of my girls, curious about her, my husband jokingly offered to sell her to him real cheap and his reply was “I don’t need a cheap woman in my life.” And then he apologized to me for insulting her. :XD:



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