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I just got an reply from Ringdoll. I emailed them with a problem about Dylan’s head not fitting 14mm eyes, as they state they’re supposed to:


This is HuangShan chief style of designer from Ringdoll brand. My English is not good so I consign Emily to write this letter to you according to my words in Chinese : )

Thanks you very much for your helpful advice. I have just had a meeting with Design Team and Product Team about the eyes issue you mentioned. Customers will never meet such eyes-unfit problem when they get Ringdoll’s new 43cm doll (and any other size dolls). For the old 43cm dolls, just Dylan’s eye wells is a little small — that because he is my first kid to create in June 2009. I am sorry to bother you and your customers like that, and later I will do some little change on the head.

Thanks for your help again ^^ I am very appreciated for what you do for Ringdoll !

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Thought I’d share. :)



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