Our resident hatcher cat, Chetto, has been keeping the master parts snug while I was working on them, and the finished pieces have now arrived with Valera of Molding Dolls in Odessa; new silicone has been ordered, and the stars are about to align…


I’ve opened a PRE-preorder to gauge interest for Minigenue & Minipietá, and am asking those interested to place a small deposit, which will in part be donated to the animal rescue that fronted the considerable vet + treatment costs for another cat (not the one pictured here) I fostered, who got seriously ill and eventually passed.

Those who join in this PRE-preorder & send a deposit, will be in the draw for a chance to win their MiniKindred order for (nearly) free, and also get an additional discount on the retail price of the MiniKindred. For each 30 participants, a winner will be randomly selected.

I’m trying to make the MiniKindred available to as many people as possible and they are currently being offered at a reduced price, comparable to previous preorder editions. But due to increased costs of materials, production, transport, taxes, overheads and living expenses, prices for future preorders will go up; so if you have been waiting for the chance to own one of these dolls, now is the best time to get on board!!




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