I just posted this over in the FID discussion too, but I thought people on this thread might like to see as well – we were discussing hybrid options for FID/Raccoondoll to make a doll that looked like a teenager, or in scale child, and here’s my contribution of my full dolls and hybrids:


Left to right: Raccoondoll (RD) head on original Withdoll girl body, RD head on JID body with glamour bust, FID boy, FID girl, RD girl head on Dollzone B45-018 boy body, Raccoondoll girl, and Myou Tiny Gina in front of the FID boy.

Please note though that they’re all on stands about 1-2 cm high (you can see it clearly on the boy hybrid), except the FID boy, the Withdoll girl and the Myou tiny. So the height comparison is a bit off with those ones. Also apologies for the random mish-mash of styles and that some dolls don’t have face-ups yet!

So if you’re after some variety in this size – the JID body, with the glamour bust, makes a nice almost plus size looking girl, a bit shorter than the standard size – and normally the resin would match too but my JID is old and a bit yellowed. The Withdoll/RD hybrid makes a nice teenage looking or just short girl – the head is slightly large but it’s not bad. The Myou tiny has maybe a slightly too small head, but is better than any other YoSD or mature tinies I’ve found for looking like a child next to the FIDs. She does have a slight bust which I intend to dremel flat at some point. And the DZ body with RD girl head makes a nice slimmer/younger male, if you don’t want all your guys big and muscley! Note that you do need to use a female RD head, the male will look too big I think.

I think one of the most important things to consider for hybrids in neck size, as most MSDs will have too large a neck for the 5-6 size heads – but all these ones work pretty well. The JID is maybe a little big, but I think you can get away with it.

So there we go! Hope that’s helpful to any other obsessive hybrid makers out there!



Source minifeedoll