Way late posting on this thread I’m hoping to revive –

I got into ball jointed dolls when I was 17 along with a couple of female friends in our circle. One of those two I inspired to get a doll as we were best friends (and now we’re married but we didn’t start dating until years later). While dolls in general didn’t appeal to me after some point in early elementary school, I loved how poseable they are as an artist (so fun to photograph for aesthetics) and always wanted far more male dolls than female which I’ve seen isn’t always the case with male BJD collectors.

As it is now, I have 1 male doll (DollZone Megi) that I bought back when in 2008 and I currently have 3 males on the way (Dollmore Theo, Iplehouse FID Rex, Granado Uriel). I have another male and a couple of females on my wish list, though, as I seek to purchase dolls to embody beloved original characters.



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