Dusting off my dolls and wanted to give my Felix some love!

His old outfit was an Asian-style set by Loongsoul:

I’ve redressed him now in a lovely Alice in Wonderland-themed set and I think he looks stunning!
Here he is hanging out with my Dearmine Nocturne (can you guess what my favourite colour is?):

I put my dolls away for a long time, so it’s great to take them out and play with them again! However his face up is beginning to have cracks in it… not any of the detailed parts so far fortunately, but on areas of blank grey skin you can see flakes of crackling sealant and it’s been concerning me ): Is there any solution to this? I absolutely love the official face-up and don’t have the skill to redo one myself!

That aside, I’m expecting a Blue Rose Charlotte soon and it’s exciting to be growing the doll family! I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for good posing YoSD bodies that would go well for them? The Pipos bodies are gorgeous but the lack of joints in the torso makes for poor posing, so I’ve been looking around for any grey-skin bodies that might do better with that for Felix, and a white skin body for my incoming Charlotte! Any suggestions are appreciated!



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