This is a new Ian type release guide.

It is a new prototype with a mature but soft impression with cool features and a sleek jawline.
Makeup complete with soft, rich colors and delicate lines is optional with two types of A/B makeup.

Type : Roga
Release date: 2024.03.13 14:00 ~ 2024.03.20 14:00(KST)
Configuration: Head + Head Plate + Head Cap + Default Box + Certificate

Option –

Default Face up : A type / B type
Skin Color: Pastel Peach / Peach White / Cream White / White

We ask for your interest and visit in the pre-order of the new head.


We have opened an official YouTube channel for RaMcube.


We made a video of the Roga type sample face up work process.

It was made with a slightly improved image quality and video than the first time.
We are lacking a lot, but we’ve captured the appearance of head from various angles and the work process.

Please feel free to enjoy it :)

To visit the YouTube channel, click on the top menu of the homepage to go to a new window.
If you have any inconvenience with using it, please feel free to let usknow.
If you want to see more diverse aspects, please request it through the YouTube comments and we will try to reflect it.

Please subscribe / like / comment a lot. :)


We always welcome any inquiries from our customers who visit us.
Please feel free to leave an inquiry.(My account-> 1:1 care center)
We are working hard to repay those who are waiting and looking forward to it.
Thank you.



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