Oh my goodness! No need to go so far haha! I am actually quite unable to sew! However there are many many tutorials to be found, here is one from an online group I’m in for making a nappy https://www.facebook.com/groups/113849662123138/permalink/386379604870141/

And here is one for a little dress for another doll size, simply add a strap at the back to extend the fit around. Pukifee/Littlefee-Iplehouse BID

Baby boy will fit perfectly fine into lati and pukifee shorts and tee shirts, pants and long sleeves are too long. The clothes I have him in are made by Spampy( bonnet and nappy in green) and Gugu Moda (sleeperwith hood in tan and ivory)

Hope this helps!!! <3 :D Congrats on your little girls new boy!!



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