I have an MSD girl head coming in and I’ve probably spent weeks trying to find the right body for her. I’ve been leaning heavily towards Doll Leaves’ 43cm Ver.II body because it’s my ideal price and seems to be a great poser, but there’s just one thing about it that bothers me. I’m concerned it’s not the most mature-looking, and I really want this character to look like an adult. So I thought before I dive in and get that one, I might as well look at all the options first. I’ve looked at bodies from tons of companies (basically every company that ACBJD sells) so I might have already seen all my options, but just in case there were any I overlooked, I thought I’d ask the experts. :kitty1

I’ve given myself a strict budget so I would love to find a body that’s under 150 USD (at least on sale, so from a company that regularly has good events). Good posing would be awesome, of course (a body that can sit on its legs would be even more awesome, lol). I’d love her to be between 43cm and 50cm tall. Also, I’ve been shopping for resin, but if there are any super amazing vinyl bodies out there that hybrid well with resin heads, I’m open to that too.

I’m aware I’m asking for way too much and will probably end up going with the Doll Leaves body in the end, but I thought it was worth a shot, haha.

Note: If any of these companies have a body you’d recommend or that I’ve obviously overlooked, I’d love to hear about them.

  • Huajing
  • Coralreef
  • Doll Family-A
  • Doll Family-H
  • Doll Zone
  • Dream Valley
  • Guard Love
  • Impldoll
  • Island Doll
  • MYOU
  • Mystic Kids
  • Ring Doll
  • Xaga Doll
  • Fairy Castle
  • Withdoll



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