Y’ALL. I managed to score an Austaras head secondhand and I am LOSING IT. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!! :...( I’ve had this character for 13 years and he has never looked right through 3 different dolls, but when I saw Austaras for the first time, it was like he’d been created directly out of my brain. He’s utterly perfect.


Some things of note: Mori9 recommends an Idealian 75 body, 16mm eyes, and 9-10″ wig.
The body pictured is an Idealian 72. I think the proportions look good! And thank god for that because 75cm would not fit inside my cabinet. :lol: Also, this body is from 2011 and the color match is very good. In person the head is slightly yellower, but I think once it has a faceup it will be completely unnoticeable.
These eyes are 14mm, definitely too small. Major gap by the tear duct.
9-10″ wig fits well, perhaps a smidge loose.



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