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Here’s a link to the News thread about this doll.

And here’s some more information from the shop section of the site:

Head+Body : $600
Head only : $130
Body only : $470
** Make-up on head(your wish type) : $50 **

Acrylic Eyes18mm – inclusion.
Before sending, all parts perfectly are assembled.
But the wig and the clothing are not included.

Height(head+body): 64cm
Head circumference: 22cm
Neck circumference: 11cm
bust circumference: 27.5cm
Waist circumference: 19.5cm
Hip circumference: 30cm
Thigh circumference: 16.5cm
Calf circumference: 12cm
Foot length: 7.5cm
Eyes size: 1.8cm(18mm)

From France, translucent high-class resin use .
The skin color is only one kind.
The size of each part does not match in the product of the different company.

English order board –


Anyway, on to the discussion!

I really like this girl’s body (though her face is too gentle for my tastes – all of my crew are criminals or cops, it kinda puts a damper on the “nice young lady” collecting). :sweat It’s very reminiscent, as far as the style of the sculpting, of the Dollstown bodies, and so is one of the other heads shown on the site (Islose). Maybe the sculptor is one of Anjonghak’s students?



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